How to Style a Tiered Tray for Fall

Fall wooden tiered tray ceramic pumpkins

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It’s Fall, y’all! I think it might be my favourite time of year – the sunny days, crisp mornings and cool nights. The blankets are draped across the furniture to ward off the chills, my slippers have taken up permanent residence on my feet and my favourite tiered trays are bursting with seasonal colours!

So naturally, now that we’ve moved into our new home, I’m looking to add some decor to go along with the Fall spirit! On that note, let’s take a look at how to style a tiered tray for fall. I don’t know about you, but I’m still in love with my tiered trays.  It’s a trend that popped up several years ago and looks like it’s here to stay. 



There are so many styles of tiered trays to suit your every decor need. Depending on your personal style, you can go for rustic, classic or even glitzy!  I’ve got mostly wooden tiered trays because they are my favourite, but I do have a couple of metal stands as well.  Be sure that if you’re going to order several, test out different finishes, shapes and sizes!  You’ll find that a tiered tray can fit into almost any area in your home and having options to choose from will help you find just the right one.


You can watch my video review of my Favourite Tiered Tray here:




How to Get Started

There really are no hard and fast “rules” when it comes to styling your tiered trays.  The general consensus is that you need a mix of items, tall and small, in a variety of shapes.  Most people, myself included, look to a specific theme when styling – Fall, Halloween, Spring, Coffee, Cooking – you name it.  Again, look to your own tastes. 

What I would suggest is that initially, until you find that you may have built up a collection of items to use, source your decor from throughout your house!  After all, nearly everyone I know has a few key things they love to collect, without even realizing they are doing it.  I actually didn’t know how much I loved turtles until my daughter pointed it out!



Decide on your theme, and then wander through your home, looking for items that fit in.  Be sure to think outside the box!  Just because you have a snow globe in the bedroom doesn’t mean it won’t look good on your tray!  Salt and pepper shakers in cute designs are awesome decor for tiered trays.

Once you have exhausted your supplies from within your home, gather them onto one work surface.  I like to lay my items out on my kitchen table since my tiered tray lives in my kitchen.  It’s normally on the kitchen counter, but for a change, I decided to put this one in the centre of the table.  Keep in mind that if you are not putting the tray into a corner, you’ll need to decorate all sides – even more fun! 

Assess what you have and if you’re satisfied that you have what you need, get started!  Of course, if you think you need more, take another sweep through your home.  If you come up empty, head out to your local dollar store, thrift stores or wherever you like to shop for cute seasonal items.  Amazon has some really great little items that are so fun!



Styling Your Tiered Tray

Again, there are absolutely no rules for how you style a tiered tray!  What I like to do is start with my largest items, placing them towards the centre of the trays. 

Tiered trays look really great when they are full and using your biggest pieces at the centre helps achieve this look.  I like to have some greenery (yup, you guessed it – as fake as a $3 bill), as you can see below, and it takes up a lot of space.  So I naturally start there. 

In looking at this tiered tray specifically, I started out by placing the plant in the super-cute owl mug.  I absolutely adore anything with owls, and you’ll notice at least three of the little critters in this styling.  Next came the large monogram milk jug, which I found at Michael’s on my last foray.  I added the short mason jar to round out the lower tier.


Fall wooden tiered tray ceramic pumpkins greenery fall decor owls farmhouse style


On the upper tier, I place another wooden owl and a small creamer that I found in a local thrift store.  That took care of my largest items.  Then I went back and started filling in.

Play with your items and see what works for you.  I moved the smaller pumpkins around several times before I was happy with their placement.  I added some faux succulent, pine cones and craft picks that I found at dollar stores and Michaels. The salt and pepper shakers on the top tier were another dollar store score – they are so cute!  I also found the little wooden spoons in the dollar store craft aisle.



So there you have it – this is how to style a tiered tray for fall!  And in just a couple of weeks, I’ll be pulling it apart to re-style it for Halloween – can’t wait to see how that turns out!  And remember – no matter how you put your tiered tray together, have fun with it!

If you are looking for smaller items to add to your tiered tray, be sure to check out this post: 

How to Make Quick & Easy DIY Planters.   You can create your own decor for your trays!

For another fun craft for the fall that uses a lot of dollar store supplies, try making a Photo Board!  They make a really great gift and you could get a head start on Christmas.



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Fall wooden tiered tray ceramic pumpkins greenery fall decor owls farmhouse style


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