37 Things to Do at Home When You’re Bored

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In these days of ever-changing world events, the majority of us are spending ALL our time at home.  We are working at home, playing at home and staying at home.  And for many, it’s a pretty big shift from the usual lifestyle of go-go-go. 

Are you feeling restless?  Are you thinking, “I should be doing something right now”, but you just can’t settle on anything?  I sure am.  I have a hard time stepping away from work on many days, so I need to make a concerted effort to try not to go sit back down at my desk and spin my wheels. 



My husband suggested that I start a list of things I like to do when I have some downtime so that when I hit those antsy afternoons, I don’t have to think up new activities on the spot.  I’m also really bad for wanting to be “busy” all the time, so lots of these suggestions are designed to either slow me down or engage my mind in activities other than work. 

So I decided to listen to him and I created my list of 37 things to do at home when you’re bored.

Things to do on your own

  • Crossword puzzles – I can seriously lose hours when I find a book of crosswords that fit the way my brain works!
  • Gardening – if you have a back yard, lucky you!  Get outside and enjoy the feel of the earth in your hands.
  • Meditate – check online for guided meditations if you are a beginner.
  • Journal – this could be so many things – free-flow writing, creating a beautiful bullet journal, sketching. Whatever speaks to you at the moment.
  • Colour – you can find lots of printable adult colouring sheets online.
  • Relax in a bubble bath – one of my favourite ways to slow down.
  • Sewing – finish up some projects that have been lingering, or start something new.  Try sprucing up your bedroom with some Quick & Easy Pillow Cases or give your dining room a refresh with a Quick & Easy Table Runner!
  • Create or update the household budget – I love to geek out on this – I update our budget at least twice a month!
  • Read a book – for an extra challenge, let a member of your family pick out the next book you read.
  • Crafts – the possibilities are endless.
  • Go for a walk – the fresh air can work wonders on your mind.
  • Exercise – there are so many free videos online that you can find any type of workout!

Things to do online

  • Catch up with friends and relatives through text, email or FaceTime – stay connected!
  • Spend some time on Pinterest (or a full day, as I have done in the past …)
  • Take a virtual tour of a museum or gallery – how amazing to visit the Louvre in your pyjamas.
  • Visit the library online to see what’s new
  • Join a virtual book club – staying connected and reading!
  • Learn to knit or crochet – there are tons of great tutorials on YouTube for these.
  • Window shop online for home décor ideas
  • Research places you’d like to visit – this is one of our daughter’s most favourite pastimes.
  • Take an online class – there are so many courses and programs available online, you could spend hours just finding out what you want to learn!
  • Start a blog – consider creating your own opportunity to work from home on a permanent basis.  Learn more about How to Start a Lifestyle Blog in 8 Simple Steps.
  • Watch some videos on YouTube on topics that interest you – or videos of cats. The cats are the best!
  • Netflix bingeing – while I don’t recommend you do this every day, watching one or two episodes of a new show in an afternoon never hurt anyone ?

Things to do around the house

  • Clean the house – every day!
  • Declutter a drawer, a closet or a whole room – when spending more time at home, you need to ensure your space is calm and clean.  For more tips, check out my posts on Decluttering:
  • Put up new pictures – rearrange existing pictures, or print and hang new ones to give your spaces a fresh, new look.
  • Clean the garage – one of the jobs you keep telling yourself you’ll do “when you have time”.
  • Clean your car – not exactly in the house, but hey – if you have the time, do it!
  • Create a new dish using only ingredients that you have on hand – I’ve had some real busts doing this, but then again, I’ve knocked it out of the park too!
  • Rearrange your furniture – I did this not long ago, and our apartment feels like an entirely new home!
  • Makeover a piece of furniture or a decorative item – repaint or repurpose something you already own.  Give it new life!

Things to do with your family

  • Card games – we play a lot of Cribbage and Canasta, and things can get pretty tense!
  • Board games – Trivial Pursuit can become pretty heated in this house.
  • Jigsaw puzzles – these have practically become a contact sport in our family ?
  • Movie marathon – choose a theme or genre, get the popcorn and blankets, and settle in for an evening of entertainment.
  • Play outside in the yard – again, fresh air is so good for you for so many reasons.  Enjoy it!


So there you have it – 37 Things to Do at Home When You’re Bored.  What didn’t I put on this list that you like to do?  What types of hobbies or fun things are your go-to when you have some free time?


Want to remember this?  Be sure to save this list of 37 Things to Do at Home When You’re Bored to your favourite Pinterest boards!



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