How to Transition from Summer to Fall Decor: Easy DIY Decorating Tips

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It’s that time of year again – the dog days of Summer.  By this point in the year, I’m already looking forward to Autumn – the sunny days, rich colours and cool, crisp nights.  Fall is probably my favourite season of all.  So naturally, I love to transition from summer to fall decor as soon as I can!  I’ve got some super easy DIY decorating tips for you to try as you bridge the seasons.



The key to the simplest of transitions is to mostly work with what you have and add in a few new pieces.  Unless, of course, you love to actually redo your whole home each season!  But today, we’re looking at easy DIY decorating to make the transition from summer to fall decor as simple and cost-effective as possible.


Take Your Cues from Nature

Have you ever noticed that Mother Nature knows what she’s doing?  Yeah, she really does.  And this includes decorating, in a sense.  Think about how the Spring is green and vibrant and full of colours.  As the days get longer and hotter, colours give way to a more neutral palette – the wheat fields, for example.  Things are usually getting a little dry and losing some of the bright colours from Spring.  Then, as she moves us into Autumn, the colours come back, only in a totally new way!

The rich reds, oranges, yellows and browns are so beautiful and I’m so grateful that I live in an area that showcases the change of seasons.  This is where I get my decorating cues from.  Maple leaves, pine cones, pumpkins – all things Fall.  But first, we have to blend it with Summer.  

Another way to take your cue from nature is don’t rush things.  You don’t need to go from Summer to Fall overnight – nature doesn’t!  If you mimic what’s happening outside, you’ll have a gorgeous and easy transition inside.

Of course, if you’ve already created your Cozy Hygge Summer, moving into Autumn will feel seamless!


Work with What You Have

My decorating scheme for summer is pretty simple.  I like a black and white base, with small pops of colour.  But much like outside, the further into Summer we go, the more subdued the highlights.

In Spring, the colours I was drawn to were red, pink, turquoise and yellow, and even some purple.  I’m now moving into blues in all shades, but mostly a muted sea foam and sky blue, mirroring outside.  The lemon yellow has given way to shades more in line with honey – golden, but not Autumn gold.  I think you see where I’m going with this.

If you decorate with Dried Wheat Stalks, these are particularly easy to transition from summer to fall.  Tall wheatgrass in an arrangement with fall-coloured flowers makes a beautiful focal point.



Add Simple Useful Elements

When adding in new pieces for the season, I tend to look at items that go beyond just Fall or Spring.  My rule of thumb is this:  an expensive piece needs to get me through at least three seasons.  The less I spend, the less I feel the need to display it for long periods of time.  The exception, of course, is Christmas, but we’ll get to that in another post!

The most basic and versatile tool in my decorator’s toolkit is the blanket.  Nothing makes a room more instantly cozy and homey than a well-placed throw.  You can create amazing looks by mixing patterns, textures and weights.  I’m definitely ordering this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast Throw Blanket from shopDisney!  The colours are so lovely, but they still remind me of Fall!

Fall decor is everywhere, at all levels of cost.  You can find pieces to suit every budget, depending on where you look.  And if you get a little crafty, no one will even be able to tell if your items came from the dollar store or not!

One of my favourite projects that I’ve made over the years started with a thrift-store cutting board and turned into a Reversible Sign!  And you can easily make beautiful centrepieces like this one that I made for Thanksgiving last year for just a few dollars!  Say what?


Have a Plan

The trick to making your dollars go further in decorating is to plan ahead for the look you want to achieve.  If you decide pumpkins will be your focal point, go for it!  When the stores start putting out their Autumn and Halloween decor, pick up the pieces that will work.  Last year, I did quite a bit with pumpkins.  I searched each dollar store I went into for Fall pieces and amassed a nice little collection of pumpkins in all shapes, colours and sizes.  Of course, you can always paint them too!

If you prefer more leaves than gourds, plan ahead.  You can find some really great deals online, in craft stores and of course dollar stores!  And you can always make your own using your Cricut!



Use More Everyday Elements

When most people think about redecorating for the season, the first thoughts are of knick-knacks, candles, wreaths and the like.  In other words, accessories.  Don’t limit yourself to working just with the little stuff!  You can quickly and easily create Fall decor using blankets, quilts and pillow covers.  Look for tablecloths that have Fall patterns you can’t resist and use them for your cushions.  You can even make cushions from placemats!

In the kitchen, keep your seasonal fruit on display.  A bowl of red, green and yellow apples makes a gorgeous and functional table centrepiece.  

Choose placemats for your kitchen or dining room table in rich Fall colours that complement your plan.  Or use some fun Fall printables and make your own!  Laminated printables make wonderful temporary placemats!  You can cut placemats using your Cricut machine and a light vinyl fabric – no sewing required.  If you find a particularly gorgeous Fall fabric or two, go ahead and make a new Table Runner for your dining room.  An afternoon’s worth of work will go a long way!

You can even use items like your red rainboots and a cute bin full of umbrellas in your entryway.  So cute.


Don’t Forget the Tiered Trays

By now you all know about my love affair with tiered trays!  You can do so much with so little and create a stunning statement display.  Read about how I Style a Tiered Tray for Fall and be sure to watch my product review for my favourite tiered trays here:



You can click this link from Amazon to order the same tray I’ve used in this video:  Felt Creative Home Goods Rustic Wood Two Tiered Tray

So as you can see, there is no shortage of ideas to transition from summer to fall decor in your home.  Just take it slow and let Mother Nature tell you when it’s the time!



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