Show and Tell 8: Life in Our Little Handmade Home

Show and Tell 8 sewing room cutting table fabric

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Well, the snow continues.  And continues.  And then a little more.  I have to be honest, though – I don’t mind it at all.  Do I wish it had come sooner?  Absolutely.  Am I going to complain?  I try my best not to because the snow will come, regardless of my opinion.  So I’ll get cozy and stay warm and safe.

Of course, if there was a way to see the snow piled high on our lawns only, with clear sidewalks and streets, I’d be that much happier!




I’m not sure how much snow we actually got this week, but it’s certainly looking lovely outside our front door.


It’s a winter wonderland, with more snow in the forecast ❄️






There wasn’t much quilting happening in my world this week but I did manage to get my whole sewing room moved around and organized.  And in a way, I wish I hadn’t!  Why, you ask?  Because now I can really see just how much fabric and how many kits I have to work on!  When they were hidden away, I felt like I could continue adding to my collection.  But alas, I think I’m full up for now!


All my fabric is on display throughout my room. Sadly, I don’t think I need to do any shopping any time soon!



I’ve started working on one of my own designs, Word to Live By, but I’m changing it up a little as I go.  Instead of the simple black and white that I have in the pattern, I’m going to play with some colours.  I may have to add it to my shop when I’m done!  I’ll share some photos once I’m a little further along.

Something else I’m excited about with the reorganization of my sewing room is that I now have space to have my gorgeous DMC Vintage Wooden Chest out on display!  Isn’t she beautiful? 


Isn’t she beautiful! My DMC Vintage Wood Chest takes centre stage at last!


These chests often sell out, because they are an amazing deal.  When you purchase this large vintage wooden chest, you get 500 SKEINS with it!  That’s 500 different colours, by the way!



As I said, I finally reorganized my sewing room but in order to do that completely, I had to reorganize my office as well!  Some of the furniture flip-flopped from one room to the other and vice versa, so it was a full-day task that encompassed both spaces.

I am happy to report that both rooms were fully operational by the end of that day and they feel great! 

You can see some images below of my sewing room and my office.  I finally have a space to start displaying some of my own works, which I’m super excited about!


Now that I’ve rearranged my sewing room, I have the wall space to start displaying some of my own work! You can get both of these patterns – Harvest Patch and Simply Charming Pinwheels – in my shop.


In my office, I hung a lot of my Disney art, plus a few other favourites.  I have noticed, though, that I’ve got a spot for a nice big piece.  Maybe I’ll find something in Disney World when we visit Florida at the end of the month!


The view from my desk in my newly organized office.


My office definitely has a cozier vibe now that the furniture is moved around. Plus adding in the filing cabinet makes it feel like a REAL office!



All remnants of Christmas have finally been taken down throughout the house and it feels a little bare.  I tried something a little different this year when I packed up the holiday fare.  Anything crafty went upstairs into my craft closet (which is actually a walk-in closet in our guest room) and all the decorations went into the “secret room” under the stairs.  

We have a walk-in pantry that is an L-shape and at the end of it is an opening that is fully carpeted and the perfect spot to stash temperature-sensitive decorations, especially my snow globes!  


It’s a mess under the stairs, but at least I can see what I have and my snow globes won’t freeze!


I had an extra old dresser in our garage that we had been debating about what to do with, so I popped that into the little room and filled it with Christmas decor.  It works great!  The only pieces that went into our crawl space were the big ones – trees, outdoor snowmen and that type of thing.

The added bonus is that I have easy access throughout the year, so when garage sale season starts and the sentimentality of the season has passed, I can sort through my Christmas goodies to decide what I actually want to keep!



We’ve been doing really well at not having takeout for the month of January.  We have gone out for lunch each Sunday after church with my mom and brother, but we don’t really classify that as takeout.  Plus sometimes those portions are so big that we each have lunch and dinner out of our meals!

Something else we’ve done is make the same breakfast casserole as we did for Christmas morning.  You can find the recipe on Mommy Mouse Clubhouse, and be sure to check out all her other delicious recipes as well!  Something I love about this recipe is that it freezes well, but if you’re like us and don’t mind eating the same thing twice a day, you can make this casserole and have breakfast and lunch, or maybe even dinner, for a few days!  Love it!



This is the time of year that I love soaking in a hot bath at the end of the day.  It warms me up but also gets me ready for a good night’s sleep.  I love putting on an audiobook using my Audible app on my phone and just relaxing to the sounds of a good story.  I’m currently listening to Accidental Magic, the first book of the Myrtlewood Mysteries series by Iris Beaglehole.  I’ve seen it described as “the Gilmore Girls meets Practical Magic” and I would say so far, that’s a pretty apt description!


Is there anything better than a soak in the tub when it’s freezing outside? Throw on an audiobook and you’ve got the makings of a great evening!



We’ll be leaving for Florida a week from tomorrow, and I’m starting to get pretty excited!  I’ve been looking online at shopDisney to see what I might want to buy and these really caught my eye!

I also noticed while flipping through which Disney clothes I’ll be packing that I don’t have much that says Disney World!  Pretty much all my Disney clothes are from Disneyland, so I may need to fix that.  I love this Spirit Jersey Sweater, and if I can find it in my size while we are there, I think it’ll be coming home with me.

Of course, there’ll be plenty of shopping being done for Miss P, her parents and my hubby, but I like to bring home a few things for myself as well!









  • Antoinette by French General for Moda – Fat Quarter Bundles
  • Antoinette by French General for Moda – Panels
  • Antoinette by French General for Moda – Yardage


Meet Antoinette by French General for Moda. I will have some of these Fat Quarter Bundles listed in my shop soon!


Thanks for joining me for Show and Tell.  I’ll have LOTS more to share with you next week!  In the meantime, take a snow day or two ❄️







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