Show and Tell 6: Life in Our Little Handmade Home

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Welcome 2024, I think we’ve all been anxiously awaiting your arrival.  I, for one, though, thought 2023 was a pretty good year.  Great, in fact!

Looking back at the year, I saw some pretty HUGE changes, both personally and professionally.  My husband and I became grandparents for the first time, and wear our new titles of Gigi and Papa with more joy than we could have possibly imagined.


The day we became grandparents 🩷 This photo was taken at 3:30 in the morning!


We celebrated one year of living in our current home as well as our 9th wedding anniversary.  I visited Disneyland three times, enjoyed a weekend of NHL hockey in the Fall, and spent as much time as possible with little Miss P.




My third Disneyland trip included seven people in total, including Miss P and her parents. She was ready to get home!


On the work front, I celebrated the two-year anniversary of our Little Handmade Home on January 1, 2023, followed by THREE years this past Monday!  Over the course of the year, I welcomed thousands of new friends to this growing community and made a big step forward on the business end of things.

I’ve always wondered if I could make my blog, and consequently everything that goes with it, more specific, and more focused.  Turns out, I was on the right path.  During the summer, I made the decision to turn my attention more to the quilting and sewing realm and start introducing my cross-stitch patterns as well. 

And now, here we are!  So far so good!






Speaking of quilting, have you seen my Scrappy Heart Pillow Cover?  As I said in the post, we don’t really “do” Valentine’s Day, but I do love a good excuse to make new pillows!  I love the colours in this pillow cover and they add a spot of happy in an otherwise dark room!


Falling in love again … with a pillow!



I have decided that 2024 will be my year to really up my cross-stitch game!  I have a program on my iPad that allows me to create simple cross-stitch designs.  Fun fact – it’s the perfect distraction on long flights!  I can then transfer the start of the designs into my larger pattern program to finish up and add some polish. 

So keep an eye out for new designs that I’ll be adding, but I’ll be doing more finishes this year as well!  I think a good start would be to wrap up all my WIPs, but that could take all year!



I mentioned above our rather dark living room, and this year I have some plans to switch it up.  I like to try all options that I already have before resorting to anything drastic, ie buying new furniture, rugs, paint, etc.  So up first, we’ll be flipping the room.  

Sometimes I find that even moving existing furniture around makes a huge difference.  So we’ll be reversing the placement of our TV stand and couch to see how we feel.  Because of our wrap-around porch, we don’t get a ton of natural light coming into the living room, so we have to be creative with the placement of light and dark items. 


What a difference a splash of colour makes on a dark piece of furniture.


Our couch is very dark and very large.  The charcoal grey definitely darkens any space it sits in, but it’s so comfy!!  So clearly the simple answer is to make a quilt of very light prints to drape across the back.  Challenge accepted!



Every New Year, my husband and I try not to do takeout of any kind for the month of January.  We will go to restaurants on occasion, but no fast food, no pizza, no delivery.  So we’ve been digging into our stash of favourite recipes and the first one up is my easy Chicken Taco Soup.  This really is a “set it and forget it” type of meal, and it works well for our schedules.  Dump the ingredients into your slow cooker, set a timer so you remember to make a loaf of bread in your favourite bread maker and you’ve got meals for a few days!


One of the easiest meals we will make all month!


We like to dress our soup up with some cheese and tortilla chips, but I bet corn chips would be awesome too!



You may or may not know this, but I’m sort of a Disney fan.  Haha, if you’ve been around for ANY length of time, you will have heard me mention Disney or Disneyland or both!  This year, in addition to heading to Disney World at the end of this month, my husband and I will be booking a trip to the Disneyland Resort in California for late November.  I LOVE the Christmas season at the Resort, and I like the slightly cooler weather that November brings, so it’s a win-win!

In the meantime, plans are happening in the background to breathe new life into The Main Street Mommas.  With one of our Mommas becoming a new momma for the first time, and just life in general, we have let TMSM (as we call it) languish a little.  But never fear, we’re coming back, bigger and better than ever!


I don’t usually like being in front of the camera, but in Disney’s California Adventure Park, there’s so much to smile about!


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Thanks for joining me for Show and Tell.  I’ll have LOTS more to share with you next week ❤️








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