Show and Tell 2: Life in Our Little Handmade Home

Show and Tell 2 - our little handmade home

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We’re headed into the second week of December, and we are really ramping up for Christmas.  The trees are trimmed, the halls are decked (is that a thing?!) and my husband has started his annual grinching (not sure that’s a thing either).  In fairness, he loves Christmas, just not the whole shopping thing.

This year, we’ve decided to go fairly small for each other and put the focus on our daughter’s family.  It is, after all, our grandbaby’s first Christmas, so we all want to make it extra magical.




So what’s been happening otherwise, you may wonder?  Well, both a lot and a little.  I’m really picking up steam in my work.  While I’ve promised hubby (and myself) that I’ll take some time away from work over the holidays, there’s a big part of me that doesn’t want to stop!  I guess that’s when you know you’ve really found your calling.

One thing is for sure – even during the week of Christmas, I’ll be carving out time to spend in my sewing room.  And I’ll be setting up a cozy cross-stitch corner as well!  It may very well be this comfy chair that I moved into the dining room to make way for our living room Christmas tree.  I’m pretty sure it’s not going back where it came from after the holidays.



On a sunny day, it’s bright and cheery; on a snowy day, it’s cozy and warm.






For the past few years, I have been participating in an advent exchange with my mom and sisters.  Several of my gifts this year have been related to quilting, including these gorgeous fat quarters.  I will absolutely be making something adorable with these when I find a few spare minutes to myself.



And I’m super excited that on Day 8, I found out that someone was listening – I was gifted a Tailor’s Clapper!  Very excited to add this tool to my sewing room.





The full collection of my Christmas cross-stitch patterns has now been added to my shop, and it’s time to turn my attention to winter and Valentine’s.  Say what? 

I have to admit that some days, being an online creator does get a little confusing.  We will have three weeks until Christmas, but I feel like I’m already behind for Valentine’s ideas, and I’ve pretty much missed New Year’s altogether.  It’s crazy, right?

Oh well, keep an eye out for some cute cuddly creatures that will be making their way into the shop as early as next week!


Even though I’ll be prepping for the next season soon, in my heart I’m still in full-on Christmas mode!




While I am not foolish enough to think that I will get much organizing done in December, other than the standard tidying up, I have started making a list of areas that I want to tackle once the decorations come down.  

We are very lucky that in this house, we have a walk-in pantry that has a little secret.  There’s a cupboard under the stairs that would have made a much bigger bedroom for Harry!  I hope you understand this reference, as it’s one of my favourite book series of all time!


Christmas items like this cookie jar and mug will ALWAYS make the cut in our house, as will my Criss Cross Christmas quilt!


Anyway, the space behind the pantry is where I keep my Christmas decorations.  All my “everyday” decor goes into two cupboards in our hallway.  But I’m already sorting and picking through which pieces will be going back out and which ones are probably not going to make the cut this year.  My theory is this – we moved into this house in July of 2022.  We are headed into January of 2024.  If an item has yet to be displayed in our home, there’s a good chance it won’t.

I need to remember that hanging onto something just because I’ve paid for it is not a good enough reason.  If it no longer suits my style or serves a purpose, let it bring joy to someone else and make way for something different.  After all, I need a spot to show off all the new quilts I plan to make next year!



This week, I finished reading Christmas by Candlelight, and I’ve moved on to All I Want for Christmas by Maggie Knox.  So far, so good!  Last year, I really enjoyed another Christmas book by Maggie Knox, The Holiday Swap.  It was fun and a nice, light read.  Just what I love for this time of year!



For my morning reading, I’m still reading You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero.  While I have read it before, I love to take my time and really let the words sink in.  Every once in a while, I’ll re-read the same chapter for a few days if there’s something in it that really speaks to me.  I also like to take notes in my journal to make sure that I’m capturing the knowledge!  I love using the Leuchtturm 1917 dotted hardcover journals rather than a standard journal.



I hadn’t planned on doing much travel next year, with my full workload, but when my mom invited me to join her on a trip to Florida and Walt Disney World, how could I say no?  We’ll be flying into the Sunshine State at the end of January for 10 days to enjoy Universal Studios and Disney.  The particular draw is the Art Festival at EPCOT, so I’m excited to see that!  I’m checking out some cute Spirit Jerseys on shopDisney, my favourite go-to for out-of-park shopping.

In case you didn’t yet know this about me, I’m a fairly HUGE fan of Disney, and especially Disneyland.  I’ve visited the Disneyland Resort in California well over 20 times, and there’s no point in stopping now!  In fact, I love it so much that I, together with my daughter Mikaela and good friend Kristina, have started a blog dedicated to all things Disneyland.  You can check us out at The Main Street Mommas



So far, we’ve done a few “at home” posts and information about the park, but starting in 2024, we’ll be emphasizing the at-home portion more.  After all, we can’t be in the Resort nearly as often as we’d like!





It looks like maybe the colder weather will settle in for a little while.  We had some snow already this year, but it all melted last week.  Yesterday morning, though, I awoke to find a heavy frost on all surrounding rooftops.  And the weather report is calling for some snow tomorrow.  Fingers crossed!  I love snow, and I love being cozy when it’s snowing.  Besides curling up under my own blankets and quilts, I’m eyeing up this little beauty.  I think it would make the perfect addition to our Disney room!





I’m working on a new schedule that allows me to post three times a week to my blog, and once to my YouTube channel. These are my most recent posts:



As I transition into more quilting and sewing projects and away from the crafts and DIYs, I’m slowly building up my archives of holiday favourites.  This past summer, I did a series of holiday posts – 12 Days of Christmas in July.  I think it went well, and these were some of the most popular of those ideas:


Thanks for joining me for Show and Tell.  I’ll have LOTS more to share with you next week!  In the meantime, try your best to slow down and enjoy the season ❤️





Show and Tell 2 - our little handmade home
I’m enjoying this view for as long as I possibly can!



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