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How to Make Pillow Covers for Under $5: Easy DIY Dollar Store Decor

Simple Black and White Pillow Covers in a white rocking chair

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If you are anything like me, you are probably always looking for new and fun ways to update your home.  Of course, this can become a very expensive hobby very quickly!  This is why I’m continually looking for new ways to decorate on a tiny budget.  After all, the less I spend on each refresh, the more often I can do it!  Today’s project fits the bill perfectly.  Let me show you how to make pillow covers for less than $5.00!  For a pair!  Say what?

For super quick wins, I like to use easy DIY dollar store decor projects.  Sometimes you need to dig a little deeper, but there are some absolute gems just waiting to be discovered in most, if not all, dollar and discount stores.



I’ve spent a fair bit of time recently wandering through different stores, getting inspiration, ideas and supplies.  Just last week, I picked up a cute buffalo check table cloth at one of my favourite dollar stores, for only $4.00.  It’s a good size – 60 inches x 102 inches.  Large enough for a table that seats 8-10 people.  My table certainly is not that big!

In fact, at 60×102 inches, I can make FOUR pillow covers!  Sounds like a good deal, right?

Because it’s a polyester table cloth, it’s washable and fairly hearty.  That sounds good to me!  So let’s take a look at how quickly and easily you can make pillow covers to refresh your decor!


What You’ll Need

The supply list for this project is pretty short.  Other than the actual table cloth, I had everything at home.  In case you don’t have immediate access to the supplies you need, I’ve included some links to the same or similar products that I used:


What You’ll Do

I’ve created this easy printable instruction card for how to make pillow covers.  You can go ahead and print it out and make all the pillow covers you like!  You’ll also find my YouTube video within the instructions to show you just how I created these fun pillow covers!

Simple Black and White Pillow Covers on a grey couch

How to Make Pillow Covers for Under $5: Easy DIY Dollar Store Decor

Refreshing your home decor can be done quickly and easily AND on a budget with these simple pillow covers made for less than $5.00!



  1. Start by preparing your fabric. I highly recommend washing any fabric that has any chance of shrinkage.
  2. Once your tablecloth is washed and dried, be sure to iron it if necessary. Having smooth even fabric to work with makes every job so much easier.
  3. Measure your pillow forms. Be sure to measure from one side seam to the other side seam - not just straight across. This can be a difference of up to 2"!
  4. Cut your fabric as follows: Width: the width of your pillow form plus approximately 2". Length: the width of your pillow form multiplied by 2.5 times. For example, my pillow forms are 18"x18". I cut a piece of fabric from the table cloth that is approximately 20" wide by 50" long.
  5. Fold the short edge of the fabric over approximately ½" and press. Fold again ½" and press.
  6. Using a ¼" seam allowance, stitch the edge that you just pressed.
  7. Repeat on the other end, unless you are able to use the finished edge of the tablecloth.
  8. Once both ends are stitched, lay the fabric right side up on your work surface.
  9. Find the centre of your fabric.
  10. Fold one end of the fabric a few inches past the centre.
  11. Fold the second end of the fabric past centre, overlapping the first end.
  12. Measure the folded length - it should be slightly larger than the length of your pillow form. For example, my pillow form is 18". My folded fabric is roughly 18.5".
  13. Pin one side of your fabric together, ensuring you pin through all three layers where they overlap.
  14. Stitch the pinned side at a ¼" seam allowance. Trim your threads.
  15. Pin and stitch the second side.
  16. Using your pinking shears, trim the fabric on the stitched sides. This step is optional, but will help to prevent the fabric from fraying.
  17. Turn right side out and press.
  18. Put in your pillow forms and decorate your space with your new cushion covers!


When using a table cloth, if the pattern allows, make use of the finished edges wherever possible.

The best part of these pillow covers, aside from the cost, is how quick they are to make!  I made both of these covers in less than an hour!  I call that time well spent, for sure.  At that pace, I could make new covers for all my cushions every month, for every season and every holiday!  As a result, I can update my decor to suit pretty much every occasion.  Yes, please! 



Of course, there are any number of dollar store DIY projects that can be made quickly and easily!  Here are a few of my favourites:



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