How to Make a Photo Board

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I absolutely adore small rustic touches throughout our home.  But, like me, you might have noticed just how pricey these items can get!  I’m always looking for ways to dress up basic items to add a little personal flair.  So today I’m going to show you how to make a photo board using mostly dollar store materials!



A little background on this project – my husband works for a large corporation that has a big office full of open cubicles – very little privacy and little opportunity to personalize.  So he asked me to come up with something that he could use to cover the glass divider between him and his neighbour – I’m on it!

I headed over to my favourite dollar store – yes, it’s true – not all dollar stores are created equal!  I found nearly everything I needed – some natural twine and the cutest miniature clothespins.  For a little extra fun, I bought the multi-coloured clothespins, but the natural look would work just as well.  I wanted to make a fairly large photo board but the wood plaques I found were a little too small.  Since I had a coupon for Michaels, I checked them out and found a plain wooden plaque-style sign that measures roughly 28″ x 11″, 

What you need:

Putting it together:

Step 1

Start by measuring your twine.  I’m using a 28″x11″ board, so I cut two pieces of twine that measured 34.5″.

Step 2

Grab that glue gun!  With the board facing down, start with a bead of hot glue in the lowest of the wooden sign.  While the glue is still hot, press in the end of one of the pieces of twine.  Repeat for the highest groove on the sign with the second piece of twine.  Allow the glue to cool and harden.  This only takes a couple of minutes.

Step 3

Flip the sign over so the front is facing up.  Use your glue gun to fasten the twine into the grooves.  You can either use spots of glue or run it along the entire length of the sign.  I chose to run the length of the sign, just to be sure the twine stayed in place.  My husband has a habit of bumping into things, and if the sign hits the floor enough times, I didn’t want the twine coming loose.  Once both pieces of twine are set in place, allow them to cool.

Step 4

Flip the sign back onto the front, and finish gluing the ends of the twine on the backside.  If your cut was accurate, your twine should line up just right!  If not, either trim the excess or don’t worry about it, because it’s the back!  Allow to cool and then flip over again.

Step 5

Now we will attach the clothespins.  For my sign, I wanted my husband to be able to hang 5 pictures across the board.  I measured the centre of the board for the first clothespin, then outwards 5.5″ for the next pair, and then a final 5.5″ for the 4th and 5th pins.  Place a small drop of hot glue on each mark, and one at a time, set each pin in place and hold until the glue sets.  It only takes a few seconds for the glue to set enough for you to let go.


Using tweezers will help you avoid burning your fingers with the hot glue – TRUST ME!

Step 6

This is the step that took the longest for me – choosing and printing the photos!  Because this was a gift for my husband, I chose the photos for him.  Of course, you don’t necessarily need to print the photos if this is a gift or a project that you are making to sell, but in the event that you want photos, go ahead and have fun!

This photo board would make an awesome gift or a nice addition to any room in your house!  You could even use it as a message board instead of a photo board.  Super cute and handy to have in your entryway.  You can easily change up the size for different purposes.


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