5 Easy Ways to Make Time for Quilting

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For so many of us, the quest to make time for quilting feels like chasing a dream in our fast-paced world.  Life’s hustle and bustle often leaves us longing for quiet, creative moments that feed our souls.

Picture this: a quiet corner of your home, a hot mug of tea, soft lighting, and the hum of your sewing machine weaving wonders. Sounds like a dream, right? But for many, the challenge isn’t about the passion for quilting; it’s about squeezing it into our jam-packed schedules. It’s vital, though, to carve out those personal pockets of time where we can indulge in our hobbies and passions, with quilting topping the list for many.



Not to worry, though.  Unlike some hobbies, quilting doesn’t have to become an all-or-none pursuit.  Just as quilts are finished products that are pieced together, you can piece together minutes and hours to create something beautiful.  Here are my top 5 easy ways to make time for quilting.


Tip #1: Prioritize and Schedule

Think of quilting as a therapeutic session, rejuvenating both mind and spirit. It’s not just a hobby; it’s a journey of creativity.

To truly embrace it, you need to dedicate slots in your calendar. Make your “quilt o’clock” as important as any other appointment. Being consistent with this commitment can transform quilting from a once-in-a-blue-moon activity to a habitual source of joy.

If you are new to this hobby or any other hobby, why not make it a fresh start with a brand-new planner?  The Living Well Planner is my go-to planner, and there’s even a spot to set your goals – make them your quilting goals!  How many blocks do you want to make this month?  Write it down in your brand-new planner!



Tip #2: Incorporate Quilting into Daily Activities

Why wait for a free afternoon? Make quilting a part of your daily life. Whether you’re binge-watching your favourite series, waiting for your tea to brew, or catching a short break, use that time to quilt.

My favourite way to “double dip” is listening to audiobooks on my Audible app.  I get the enjoyment of reading, plus the satisfaction of completing a quilting task.  Right now, I’m loving all the books in the Scottish Bookshop Series by Jenny Colgan!  

You can also carry a small quilting kit in your bag – those moments of waiting at a café or during your commute can be quilt-worthy.


Be sure to check out my YouTube video for a few more helpful hints!  You can watch it here:



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Tip #3: Organize Your Quilting Space

An efficient, organized quilting space is a game-changer. By having a designated, well-ordered spot for quilting, you can dive straight into your project without the preliminary fuss.  This not only saves time but also builds a perfect environment for creativity.

Don’t have a dedicated sewing room?  Be sure to set up your own Portable Sewing Room so that when you are prepared for your quilting appointment with yourself.  After all, you don’t want to spend 25 of your 30 minutes trying to find the right tools!

Consider preparing your own ready-to-go kits for smaller projects, ensuring you capitalize on unexpected free moments.  Keep them in your portable sewing room so when you find yourself with any extra time, you’ve got a project that’s just waiting for you to start!


Tip #4: Join or Start a Quilting Group

There’s power in numbers. Forming or joining a quilting group can be both motivating and rewarding. Regular meet-ups serve as designated quilting times, and sharing experiences with fellow enthusiasts can offer new perspectives and techniques.

Embarking on group projects or setting collective challenges can spur dedication to your craft.  There’s a good reason that stitch-alongs are so very popular.


Make Time for Quilting disappearing four-patch pillow cover


Tip #5: Set Manageable Goals and Celebrate Small Achievements

Every quilt begins with a single stitch. Instead of being overwhelmed by the entirety of a project, break it down into smaller tasks. Track your progress, whether in a journal or your Living Well Planner and find joy in small achievements.  And speaking of small, why not sprinkle your project list with smalls?  Quick-to-finish pieces like my Disappearing Four-Patch Pillow Cover and Simply Charming Pinwheels Table Topper are perfect for quick wins.  You can find more easy-to-finish projects in the Our Little Handmade Home Shop!

Each completed block, every hour dedicated, deserves recognition – be it in the form of a new fabric purchase or a simple pat on the back.

In the grand tapestry of life, making time for hobbies can be your cozy corner of happiness and creativity. Embrace the journey, stitch by stitch.



How to Make Time for Quilting – BONUS TIP

I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest ways that I lose valuable quilting time is in choosing what to do.  Choosing a pattern, choosing fabrics and choosing sizes.  One easy way to counteract this overwhelm is by using kits.  And especially kit subscriptions.  Annie’s Kit Club has subscriptions for countless amazing products!

Personally, I am subscribed to the Holiday Quilters Club and the Norfolk Quilt Block-of-the-Month Club.  There’s no thought, no wavering on fabric choices and no time lost wandering through the fabric shops.  Of course, I still do that – ALOT – but mail-order kits really do help.  

When the kit comes in the mail, you have what you need.  Just grab your portable sewing room and dive right in!


When you truly make time for quilting, you’re doing more than just creating a blanket; you’re weaving stories, memories, and warmth into every square inch. 



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Make Time for Quilting planner, precuts, kits, rotary cutter

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