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Yuck – the “L” word.  No, not that “L” word.  I’m talking about Laundry.  Yeah, everyone’s favourite (insert eye-roll here).  Have you ever asked yourself why it is so hard to keep up with laundry? What is it about laundry that we all detest so very much? We all like clean clothes. And we like to have all our favourite clothes ready to roll exactly when we need them. So what’s the deal? 

I struggled with keeping on top of piles of dirty clothes for years, and the sad part is that I’ve never had more than three people to worry about!  Over time, I have crafted exactly how to keep up with laundry.  Read on …



The Early Years

When my daughter was little, I absolutely LOVED seeing her in cute little outfits, and beautiful dresses, many of which my mom made for her.  But, as kids do, she got dirty.  And even though these clothes were so little, they seemed to multiply in the hamper!  I worked full-time out of the house, so that meant laundry marathons once a month, with a few regular loads in between.  I don’t think I can stress strongly enough just HOW MANY clothes we had.  Oh my.  Anyway, I would plan a day at home, sometimes two, where I would do nothing but wash, dry, fold, iron and put away.  Insane.

As my daughter grew older, and both our wardrobes grew, the piles became dramatically worse.  I hatched a plan to teach her to do the wash from an early age, but like me, she was also very busy outside the house.  Taking anywhere from 5-7 dance classes a week will do that to a kid!  Yikes, we needed a plan.


The Experiments

When my now-husband moved in with us, we suddenly had laundry for three people instead of two.  To be fair, his clothes didn’t actually make a huge impact – what’s a few extra t-shirts and the odd pair of jeans?  We collectively decided that since he was new to the area (he moved from over 800 km to join our family ❤️) and looking for work, until he found employment he would handle the deluge of dirty clothes.  It worked for me!  We had some reprieve.  However, as all good things do, it came to an end when he got hired into his current position.  Man, we had it good for a while!  Now that all three of us were busy, we had to consider a new plan.

We tried variations of weekend clothes marathons, which makes for a good opportunity to binge-watch Netflix, but that didn’t really work out.  We lived in a fairly small space and didn’t have the room to pile up all those dirty duds.  We tried sticking to a regular schedule, but we all know that “try” is basically a euphemism for “plan to fail”.  And we failed spectacularly well.

We needed a plan and we needed to stick with it.



The Final Success

Our current status – WIN!!  I’d been mulling over how to keep up, and I can’t believe that I even had to put thought into this one!  It’s so simple, it’s painful.  All those years wasted.  Oh, the agony.  Yup – dramatic moment.  But I totally get that when you are snowed under by laundry, it’s hard to see the light at the end of the pile.  So here it is, the secret to success:


Don’t try to overdo it.  My schedule is so simple, it’s laughable.  But I don’t laugh, because it works.  I don’t remember the last time I had a backlog of clothing in hampers.  Some weeks, I don’t even have to do laundry, because there just isn’t any!  This is the schedule that works for us:

Monday:  Dark clothing
Tuesday:  Socks & Underwear
Wednesday:  Light clothing
Thursday:  Sheets & Towels
Friday:  Any extra pieces that I didn’t want to group with the above items
Saturday & Sunday – I’M CLOSED!

Download any or all of the three printable versions of my own Laundry Schedule.  Frame it and make it a focal point in your laundry room, tack it to a bulletin board or just memorize it!  However you choose to do it, make it something that works for you.


How to Keep Up with Laundry – Stick to It

That’s it!  Like I said, painfully simple.  But I don’t deviate from the schedule unless I have a really good reason.  For example, if we are going out of town on Thursday morning, I won’t be doing a load on Friday.  One week, I was out of town on Wednesday and Thursday, so I doubled up on Tuesday – a load of hots, followed by lights.  The sheets got washed on Friday.

I like to alternate the loads the way I do, because Tuesday and Thursday loads go in the dryer, and Monday and Wednesday loads are hung to dry.  By alternating them, I know that I have 48 hours for the clothes on the Folding Clothes Drying Rack to dry completely, and that’s always enough time.  Friday loads might be rags, extra kitchen towels and cloths, or items I like to wash on their own.  It might even be an overflow of any other loads.  To be honest, I rarely do laundry on a Friday, because there just isn’t enough to justify running a load.



And the trick to catching up on the backlog?  Be consistent.  Doing one load every day will catch you up.  If you have a TON to get through, consider doing two loads a day for one week, then switch to one.  Trust me.  If I can get there, you can too!

If you are interested in ditching some of your laundry room chemicals on your road to laundry backlog freedom, be sure to make your own Simple Fabric Softener.



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