How to Find Printables with Fresh New Designs

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When it comes to switching things up on a budget, it’s pretty hard to beat printables.  You can use them for nearly everything!  So let’s take a look at how to find printables with some fresh new designs.

And did you know that I have a FREE Bundle of printables for my readers to enjoy?  That’s right!  Get them all here:



In a previous post, I talked all about what printables are and many of the ways that you can use them.  I even shared a couple of links to some of my favourite sites.

Today, we’re going to look a little deeper at how to find printables, both free and paid.


How to Find FREE Printables

There is no short supply of free printables on the internet.  Simply use your favourite search engine and look for whatever comes to mind.  For example, St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon.  So you might do a search for “FREE funny St. Patrick’s Day printables”.  When I did this search, I got over 13 million results.  So yes, there is NO shortage of freebies out there.

Last year, I created a fun free St. Patrick’s Day printable, which is included in the bundle.  And you can see in this video how I used it:



My best suggestion is to scroll through the images that you find and look for a few that really catch your eye.  Then click over to the website or blog offering the free printable and see what else they have!  It’s that simple!

I’ve stumbled on some of my favourite sites this way!

A note about free printables:  Generally speaking, when printables are offered for free, they are for PERSONAL USE ONLY.  This means you cannot sell them, pass them off as your own or in any way earn money from them.  Personal use is just that.  Creators work hard to bring you free images, so respect their time and talent and be nice!



How to Find Printables for Purchase

I know what you’re going to say.  Why would you pay for printables when there are so many free options out there?  Well, there are a few answers to that question.

Firstly, there will sometimes be a quality difference between free and paid.  This is not to say that the free printables are not lovely or creative, but you may only get a pdf.  You might want an image such as a JPEG or PNG so that you can print it in a different size.  When you resize a pdf, you can lose some of the quality.

Some freebies will give you multiple file formats, but not all of them do.

Secondly, many creators are making printables as a secondary or even primary method of income!  It’s our job to create and creating can cost money.  

And thirdly, when you purchase a printable, you may have different options as to how to use it.  Many of the printables out there are still sold for personal use only, but some may have limited commercial usage as well!

So let’s get back to how to find printables to purchase.  Many of the sites that you found while searching for freebies may also have a shop!  Often, creators will offer a limited series of free resources.  Then you are able to purchase more designs that are considered Premium.  Again, it takes nothing away from the quality of the free printables, but you might find more options in the premium selections.



Another really great source for printables that you can buy is ETSY!  For those of you who might not be familiar, Etsy is a global online marketplace for creators.  Most shops on Etsy would be considered small businesses, rather than large corporations.  But you can find pretty much anything you are looking for, especially in terms of Printables.

Once you start searching on Etsy, you’ll quickly realize that there is no shortage of options for you to purchase.  Whether you want wall art, stickers, labels or planners, you’ll find what you’re looking for!  You can order custom items from many shops, as well as printables that you can download and edit yourself.  Truly, the possibilities are endless.

Get yourself set up with some basic supplies so the next time you find yourself wanting to switch up some seasonal decor or send invitations to a party, you can choose printables!  



Want to remember this?  Save “How to Find Printables with Fresh New Designs” to your favourite Pinterest boards!


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