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Fun Feather Christmas Wreath

Feather Christmas Wreath

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Christmas wreaths are an easy way to add personalization to your holiday decor, and a feather Christmas wreath takes it a step further! They are so beautiful, creative and elegant.  Or they are rustic, simple and timeless.  Honestly, feather Christmas wreaths can be whatever you like, to suit your particular decor! 



During Halloween, I was in my local dollar store, and I found some lovely white feather boas.  These got me thinking of Christmas, naturally, so I bought a couple of them to play with later.   

As I was cleaning and organizing my new craft room, I found some little fairy lights that I had purchased a while back, and that got me thinking!  Wouldn’t it be cute if I could somehow incorporate the lights into the feathers?  And then what?  I considered using them on my fireplace mantel or on the Christmas tree.  Still viable options, of course.  But then it hit me – this would make a GORGEOUS wreath!  Add in a simple but striking ribbon, and I would have a new masterpiece for this year’s decor.


Supplies for Feather Christmas Wreaths

As I said, I found my feather boas during the Halloween season, but a number of stores will stock this type of thing year-round.  And, of course, Amazon offers so many options, your head will spin!  Here is a list of the supplies to gather up:


To see how I put my own feather Christmas wreath together, check out my YouTube video.  Continue reading down below for the step-by-step instructions.



Instructions for Feather Christmas Wreath

The first step is to wrap the fairy lights around the wreath form.  My lights are battery-operated, so I started by placing the battery pack at the top of the wreath form, so it would be hidden by the ribbon. 

Secure the battery pack to the wreath form with floral wire, ensuring that you have easy access to the batteries and the on/off switch.  Once you’ve wired that into place, go ahead and wrap the lights around the wreath form.  You can choose how many or how few lights you want.  I added two strings of lights to my wreath.  Secure the ends of the light strings with floral wire or tape.



Once the lights are in place, it’s time to add our feathers.  Once again, secure one end of the boa with floral wire.  I chose to wrap the wire right next to my battery packs so that I could hide as much of that as possible.

Wind your boas around your wreath form, giving as much or as little coverage as you like.  I prefer a very full wreath, so I chose to wrap the feathers fairly close together.

Once you’ve wound all your feathers around the wreath form, place it on a wall (or a door handle) and take a look at it from a distance.  If you are happy with how it looks, it’s time to move on.  If you decide you would like it a little fluffier (or less so), you can simply add to your wreath or remove the boas and start over!


Adding the Trim (Optional)

At this stage, your feather wreath is lovely on its own.  But if you want to add any extra embellishments, now is the time to do so!

Regardless of what decorations you choose, try to avoid using hot glue to attach them.  The feathers will easily get stuck in the glue, and those spots will lose the flowy, ethereal effect.

Play with the placement of your decorations – you might only want a few, or maybe lots!  Attach them using floral wire or stick pins, either will work.



Hanging Your Feather Wreath

You have a few options for how to hang your wreath.  For this particular wreath, I decided to use a lovely Christmas ribbon that I had on hand.  I cut a piece a length and simply looped it through the wreath.   You could add a bow if you like, but for me, keeping it simple works well with the feathers.

This wreath will be on an inside door, so to hang it, I will simply use a flat pushpin or thumbtack on the top of a door.  No metal hanger is necessary! 

And that’s all it takes to make your own feather Christmas wreath!  I absolutely love how elegant this wreath looks but it will still fit in with my more rustic decor.  For more of my Christmas wreaths, be sure to check out these posts:


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Feather Christmas Wreath


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