5 Family Favourite Foods for Summer: Quick and Easy Recipes

Collection of recipes including chili, baked donuts, 1000 Island Dressing, burger bowls and fruit-marshmallow dessert

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Do you serve the same foods at every Summer gathering?  Why not test out some new dishes?  Try these quick and easy recipes for five family favourite foods for Summer, guaranteed to please your palate and your pocketbook!

I love Summer.  It’s one of my four favourite seasons!  But seriously, there’s something about the warm months that I can’t get enough of.  In particular, there’s something about summer food!  The treats, the tastes and the settings.  Dining on patios?  Yes, please!  This year, why not try these five family favourite foods for summer and change up your fare!



My 5 Family Favourite Foods for Summer

Of course, it’s not like I only have five foods that are considered family favourites.  BUT – I honestly cannot remember the last time that I attended a family get-together in the summer months where at least one of these recipes wasn’t served!

So let’s take a quick look!

Burger Bowls

These delicious one-dish meals are awesomely tasty and easy to throw together!  You can set up a buffet for people to build their own bowls or set them up ahead of time and add the meat, cheese and dressing at mealtime.

Slow Cooker Chili

It seems odd that such a warm dish makes my list for summer food favourites, but chili is just all-around awesome!  You can eat it as is.  You can serve it on hot dogs or hamburgers.  And because it’s made in a slow cooker, it doesn’t require a lot of heat in the kitchen.  Try it – trust me!

Thousand Island Dressing

While not technically a “food” in the truest sense, it makes the list because of the taste and versatility!  It’s delicious on Burger Bowls.  It’s a perfect topping on your grilled hamburgers or side salad.  AND it makes a great dip for your chopped veggies!  You’re going to love it and make it often.

Fairy Cloud Dessert

This dessert dish is the perfect finale for any summer cookout.  It’s light, fluffy and uses fresh fruit!  You can swap out the bananas for berries to create a red, white and blue dish for patriotic celebrations!

Baked Donuts with Vanilla Glaze

Is any meal truly complete without a donut?  And that doesn’t need to be specific to summer!  And the best part: baked donuts are still slightly better for you than the traditional deep-fried variety and they still taste amazing!  Again, you could set up a buffet-style donut bar, complete with a variety of toppings and glazes.  So many possibilities!


The Recipes

So now that you know why I chose these five foods for my favourites list, it’s time to test-drive them yourself!  Here are the recipes:


5 Family Favourite Foods for Summer: Quick and Easy Recipes

For some delicious seasonal dishes, give these quick and easy recipes a try!

The real question is how many of these dishes you will be serving at each of your summer events!


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