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How to Have Fun with Your Own Ultimate Fall Bucket List

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So here we are again – another change of season upon us.  I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love Fall.  The warm days, cool nights and changing leaves.  I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that experiences the true four seasons, and it’s wonderful!  Here in BC, we have four clear seasons – snow, mud, forest fires and pumpkin spice.  Just kidding – sort of.  Anyway, let’s talk about all the amazing things there are to do in the Autumn and see if there are any items on my Ultimate Fall Bucket List that you want to do as well!

The goal here, of course, is to find activities that YOU truly want to do.  I’ve come up with a list of 39 suggestions to get you started, which you can download for FREE using the form below:




If you average three activities a week, you’ll get through them all!  Some will be easy, others might take a bit of planning, but that’s okay.  Check off as many as you can!  

But don’t stop there – you can create your own ultimate Fall bucket list, personalized to you, your family or your friends.  Depending on where you live, what your personal tastes are, and any other number of factors, your list might look VERY different from mine!  And that’s awesome!

So how do you get started?  Here are some things to think about.



Naturally, this needs to be one of the very first considerations when you’re creating a list such as this one.  You might be looking for all free activities, or maybe money is no object.  Most of us land somewhere in between.  This is why on my list you’ll find a mix of free and not-so-free options.

Let me encourage you, though, to not let your budget hamper your imagination!  Maybe you can’t get to Vermont to see the Fall leaves (something I’ve always wanted to do, by the way), but you probably CAN find a video on YouTube.  Watch it on your TV instead of your computer and you’ve got yourself a pretty nice little activity!



Knowing ahead of time what your schedule looks like will really help you to pick the right activities.  For example, if you work weekends, and the Fall Fair in your neighbourhood is ONLY running during the hours you work, maybe don’t include it on your list.  And if it’s something you REALLY want to do, can you switch a shift?  Take a vacation day?  Decide how important it is for you to complete that particular activity and make it happen!

Likewise, if some of your activities require travel, plan ahead!  Look for opportunities to complete several activities during one short getaway or even on a stay-cation!



Make It Your Own

Not everyone has the same tastes.  And that’s why you need YOUR OWN ultimate fall bucket list!  If you’re not into sports, don’t put them on your list.  Maybe you love pumpkin spice everything more than anyone you know – in which case, I’m pretty sure we’d be friends – so indulge a little this season.  Try something new.  Always get the PSL at your favourite coffee shop?  Why not bake some pumpkin spice cookies or muffins?  

Maybe instead of having an average of three activities a week, you want to have three extravagant weekends where you soak in all the Fall Fun you can!  And that’s okay too!  


Celebrate the Everyday Things

Fall is a beautiful season, full of rich colour, often wild weather and several holidays.  In Canada, we have Thanksgiving AND Halloween in October, which means a quick turnaround for home decor.  Maybe adding seasonal decorating to your list is something you never thought of!

Bundling up and walking in the rain is MORE than a possibility in my neighbourhood, it’s just how it goes in the Fall.  But for many of you, rain might not be that common.  Be ready, with your boots, coat and this adorable accessory near the door.

Piling on the blankets and enjoying a good book or even try Audible Plus in a new chair, maybe by the window where you can see Mother Nature at her finest, is simple.  But oh so satisfying!

For me, I love doing jigsaw puzzles when the weather turns cool.  There’s something about sitting near the fireplace, a blanket on my lap and a cup of hot chocolate steaming by my side.  When I need a new puzzle to tackle, I’ll often trade with my mom or daughter – we’re all a little crazy for our puzzles!




Try Something New

Have you ever noticed that when left to their own devices, most people will stick with what they know?  But put a list in front of them, and wow!  Comfort zone?  What’s that?

There are a few items on my own Ultimate Fall Bucket List that I’ve not yet done.  So by putting them on a list, I might actually do them!  Fall photoshoot?  I haven’t done that since our engagement photos, many moons ago.  But it sounds like fun!

Don’t be afraid to step outside your normal routines.  Maybe your Bucket List includes visiting ONE new place this Fall.  Or maybe it’s one new place per month, or even a week if you’re really ambitious!  However you choose to look at it, find ways to try something different – that’s the entire point of a BUCKET LIST!

What items will you have on YOUR Ultimate Fall Bucket List this year?  Be sure to share them down below in the comments, so that I can add them to next year’s checklist!!  Now go ahead and fill out the form above to instantly download a copy of my Ultimate Fall Bucket List and play along!



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