How to Make a Quick and Easy Spring Wreath

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If you are looking for simple ways to refresh your decor for Spring, look no further!  Wreaths are such an elegant and easy way to add some style to your home.  I absolutely love a piece that can be used indoors or outdoors, as I’ll move it around throughout the season to keep things fresh!  So let me show you my simple tips for how to make a quick and easy spring wreath for your home.



What You’ll Need

Depending on how simple or intricate you like your wreaths, your list of supplies might differ slightly from mine.  I prefer a farmhouse charm style, fairly simple and neutral.  Here’s what I used to make this wreath:


What You’ll Do

Start by deciding where your wreath will be featured.  Why do I start here?  Because then I know how I will display it – hanging, sitting on a shelf, attached to a frame.  There are so many ways to display a wreath in your home, don’t limit yourself to just one!  In this case, I’ll be placing my wreath on a frame.  Later in the Spring, I’ll likely change it up and hang it in our entryway.



Your first step should be to create a small hanger on the back of your wreath with floral wire.  Make it fairly wide, to allow you to change up how you display your wreath. 

Next, we start decorating!  I love using woven and grapevine wreaths because of the open weave.  This allows me to play with the placement of my flowers and decor before gluing it all together!  Take your time and find what really catches your eye. 

Once you are happy with the layout you’ve created, go ahead and make it permanent!  I like to tuck the flower stems into the wreath and then glue a few points into place to keep it from shifting.  Once your flowers are placed, you can fill in any gaps with embellishments or moss if you like.



How to Display a Spring Wreath

As you can see, I’ve chosen to place my wreath on a frame with a plaid background.  To create this, I’ve used some of my favourite items from Chalk Couture, which you can purchase through these links:

You can also click on THIS LINK to get all the products and tools I’ve used added right into your shopping cart.



I’ve used coordinating ribbon to attached my wreath to the frame.  I simply used some Velcro fasteners on the back of the frame and the ribbon.  That way, I can remove it and change it out without any damage!


Now I can place the frame in any spot I like – here you can see it displayed in our small entryway!  In a few weeks, this wreath, without the frame, will likely migrate to our front porch – it’s protected from weather, so I’m able to display nearly anything!


To see it all come together, be sure to check out my video on YouTube:



So as you can see, it doesn’t take much effort or time to make a quick and easy Spring wreath!  How many will you make for your home?



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