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Dutch Pinwheel Quilt Block: Making Use of Half-Square Triangles

Dutch Pinwheel Quilt

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I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day, as I often do, and saw this beautiful, complicated-looking block called the Dutch Pinwheel.  It was love at first sight!  I decided I needed to know just how to put this lovely design together.

And now I’m sharing it with you!



I mentioned in my last Show + Tell post that I had stumbled upon some really cute Spring charm packs in my stash while cleaning my sewing room.  Even though I literally have other quilts on my sewing table, I decided to make room for a “quick” new project.

My plan was to pair the Welcome Spring charms with another charm pack of low-volume prints, Hush Hush 2 by Riley Blake.  I paired the two charm packs and created 84 HSTs, planning to make a slightly larger version of my Simply Charming Pinwheels wall quilt.

However, as I said, I was on Pinterest and stumbled upon the gorgeous Dutch Pinwheel quilt block and decided to make the switch before I got any further.

Luckily, I had not yet started stitching anything together other than my HSTs so it was simply a matter of deciding on the layout.



Supplies for the Dutch Pinwheel Quilt Block

Once again, we will be starting our project by choosing our fabrics.  This block really lends itself nicely to a fairly scrappy look.  I’ve chosen to use a Welcome Spring Charm Pack by Andover Fabrics, which was in my stash, paired with Hush Hush 2 by Riley Blake.    


Dutch Pinwheel Quilt Block charm pack half-square triangles
These blocks are made entirely with charms!


This is a great stash-buster, as you can make these blocks really scrappy, plus you can choose any fabrics you like in any size you like!

Go ahead and gather up your basic quilting supplies:


An easy way to be prepared for any project is to keep all your quilting tools in one place using my handy Portable Sewing Room tutorial.

If you have a ton of scraps that you plan to make into HSTs, you could use a cutting tool like the Accuquilt to make your life a little easier!


To see how I put my Dutch Pinwheel quilt blocks together, you can watch my video here:



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For full instructions, keep on reading below.


Dutch Pinwheel Quilt Block: Step-by-Step Instructions

Start by preparing your Half Square Triangles.  I have a full tutorial on Half Square Triangles that will be very helpful if you are new to quilting!

Each Dutch Pinwheel uses 16 HSTs.  These can be any size.  I’m using Charm Packs for this projects, so my HSTs will be 4 ½” unfinished and 4″ finished.  My full quilt block will be 16″ finished.

As you can see from my diagram below, the centre of this quilt block is a simple pinwheel.


Dutch Pinwheel Quilt Block layout diagram
This block is a great way to use up the scraps in your stash!


To the top, bottom, left and right of the centre pinwheel, you’ll be placing two HSTs in a modified Flying Geese pattern.

The corners are the remaining four HSTs.  I’ve chosen to put the low volume fabric to the outside, but you can switch this up any way you like.  You can see that on each side of the corner HST, you make an hourglass.

And that’s it!  These quilt blocks look very complex, but really are very simple to piece together.



I know that I’ll be using this block in lots of my upcoming projects!


Dutch Pinwheel Quilt Block layout
You can see the pinwheel, hourglass and flying geese within this block.


For more of my Essential Building Blocks of Quilting, be sure to check out these tutorials:


Tune in every month for a new Essential Building Block!  The fourth Thursday of every month, I will be covering a simple block that you’ll want to add to your repertoire of quilting.  These are what I would consider “builders” and they are the basis for so many other blocks!



Want to remember this?  Save “Dutch Pinwheel Quilt Block: Making Use of Half-Square Triangles” to your favourite Pinterest boards!


Dutch Pinwheel Quilt


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