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Easy DIY Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments: A Crafty Holiday Project

Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments red and black ribbon white Christmas tree

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It might be a little early to say ’tis the season, but this year, I’m getting ahead of the holiday game and bringing you with me!  Let’s get crafty and make some DIY Scrabble tile Christmas ornaments to add charm and personality to your holiday decorations.  Whether you’re an experienced crafter or a beginner, you’ll love how fast and fun this project is.

It’s so fun to add personal touches to your decor, and these Scrabble tile ornaments are the perfect way to do just that.



Supplies for DIY Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments

Before we can get started, we need to gather our supplies.  You don’t need much to make these ornaments, but you can really have a lot of fun with them!  Here’s my list:

  • Scrabble tiles – You can source tiles from old games at garage sales, thrift stores or your own cupboard.  If those aren’t options for you, order them online.
  • Ornament bases – Choose a foundation that suits your holiday decorating style.  Today, we’ll be using wood slices and ribbons, but you could use scrapbook paper, cardboard, mini canvases or other bases.  You can use craft sticks, which I have done for extra strength.
  • Glue – Use a hot glue gun or craft glue, whatever works best for you.

As you can see, you don’t need much to get started, but the possibilities are practically endless!


Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments supplies ribbon jingle bells


Design Inspiration and Planning for DIY Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornament

Now that you have your supplies, it’s time to find inspiration and plan your DIY Scrabble tile Christmas ornament designs.  Let your creativity flow as you brainstorm ideas for your personalized ornaments.

You can incorporate a traditional holiday theme with snowflakes, holly leaves, or candy canes, or make your ornaments special by spelling out names, heartfelt messages, or favourite holiday quotes.

Browse design examples to ignite your imagination and adapt them to your vision.  Pinterest is a great resource for this type of DIY!


See how I’ve used my Scrabble tiles in two different ways here in my YouTube video:



Preparing the Scrabble Tiles

Before attaching the tiles to your base, preparing them properly is really important.  If you have ordered them online, you can usually skip this step.

If your tiles have come from an old game or have been handled a lot, begin by cleaning the tiles to remove any residue that might affect adhesion.  A gentle scrub using warm water and dish soap should do the trick.  If the tiles have rough edges or uneven surfaces, gently sand them to achieve a smoother finish.  This step ensures a strong bond between the tiles and the base.  After all, you don’t want your creations falling apart on the Christmas tree!

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider painting the tiles to match your design.  Acrylic paints or markers work wonderfully for this DIY project.  Apply a thin, even coat of paint and allow it to dry completely before proceeding.  Adding colour adds a vibrant touch of colour to your Scrabble tile ornaments and enhances their personalization.

Side note: if you want to see how a little paint can transform a Christmas decor piece, you’ll want to check out my Easy DIY Christmas Village: How to Make Your Own Holiday Decor!



Assembling the DIY Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments

With your tiles prepped and ready, it’s time to assemble your ornaments.  Begin by attaching the tiles to the base using your chosen adhesive.  If you opt for a glue gun, apply a small dab of glue to the back of each tile and press it firmly onto the base.  Make sure that you align the tiles neatly and maintain even spacing for a polished look. 

To add extra charm to your Scrabble tile Christmas ornaments, you might want to consider using embellishments and extras.  Tie a coordinating ribbon around the top or bottom of the ornament, create bows using colourful string, or glue small decorations like miniature ornaments or jingle bells for an extra touch of whimsy.

Let your imagination guide you as you transform simple Scrabble tiles into unique, fun decor pieces you’ll keep for years.


Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments supplies and wood bases


Display and Gift Ideas for DIY Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornament

Now that you have a collection of delightful DIY Scrabble tile Christmas ornaments, it’s time to consider display options.  Hang them on your Christmas tree to add a whimsical touch, create a unique wreath using the ornaments as focal points, or arrange them artfully on your mantel.  The possi lities are endless—let your creativity shine!



In addition to personal enjoyment, DIY Scrabble tile Christmas ornaments make a wonderful heartfelt gift.  Pair them with personalized cards, or even use them as a gift tag!  Your loved ones will be touched by the effort and creativity you put into crafting these unique treasures.


This project is Day 2 of my first annual 12 Days of Christmas in July!  In case you missed it, be sure to check out the project from Day 1: Rustic Christmas Wreath.  I think you’ll love it as much as I do!



Want to remember this?  Save DIY Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments: 12 Days of Christmas in July to your favourite Pinterest boards!


Scrabble Tile Christmas Ornaments on white Christmas tree


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