How to Make Easy Natural Air Fresheners

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Today we’re going to talk about smells.  It’s a bit left-field, I know, but it’s something that we all deal with.  Cooking fish for dinner, forgetting to take out the garbage, and let’s not even mention the bathroom.  So yeah.  Smells.  And how do you deal with it?  For the longest time, I was using an air freshener from the store.  But here’s the thing – do you know what you’re spraying into your room?  Are actually improving the air?  Heck no!  Or, are you simply masking the odour by adding something else?  Yup, that’s what you’re doing alright!  And when you take a look at what’s in those air “fresheners”, you’ll start to think you’d rather be choking from the smell of last night’s salmon packaging.  So what should we do?  I’m glad you asked.  It’s time to start using homemade room sprays.  So quick and easy to make – three ingredients, and you are good to go!  Here’s how to make easy natural air fresheners.



There are several ways to make a good air freshener from natural products, but here is the recipe I like:


Yeah, that’s it.  SO easy!  And you can feel good about spraying this anywhere you need it.

Cost of Natural Room Sprays

Let’s talk for a minute about the cost of these little blends vs. the cost of the leading air fresheners.  On sale, the cost of the store-bought chemically-produced air freshener is roughly $3.00 for a 250g bottle.  On the flip side, I can make an 8 oz bottle of room spray for under $2.00!  Plus, there’s the added benefit of reusing the bottle, keeping the extra garbage out of the landfill.  I’d say that’s a win!

Make Your Own Natural Air Fresheners with Only 3 Ingredients!

So here is the actual recipe:

1 tbsp baking soda
1 cup distilled water
10 drops of Essential Oils

Measure out the baking soda into your measuring cup, and add the essential oil(s).  I like to do a blend, just to get some new, different scents.  Mashing the oils into the baking soda helps the oil and water mix better.  Once the oil is well mixed into the baking soda, add the distilled water, mix and transfer to your Amber Glass Spray Bottle.  So simple!

Mix It Up for New Scents!

Here are some suggestions on essential oils to use in your DIY room spray:

5 drops Purify Essential Oil Blend
5 drops Spruce Essential Oil

– I like this one for the bathrooms.

5 drops Purify Essential Oil Blend
5 drops Lemon Essential Oil  

– A nice fresh scent that can be used in any room of the house.

5 drops Lemon Essential Oil
5 drops Orange Essential Oil

             – or –

10 drops Citrus Passion Essential Oil Blend

6 drops Lavender Essential Oil
4 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

– This one is really great in the bedroom, especially right at bedtime.  Lavender and Cedarwood both help to promote a night of peaceful sleep.

Keep in mind that depending on whether you like stronger or lighter scents, you can increase the number of drops in your room spray, or even cut back a little.  The blends that I have listed here aren’t terribly strong scents, but it’s up to you how you like it.  Yet another advantage of making your own! You want to be sure you are using high-quality essential oils, which you can purchase here.  The combinations are seemingly endless, and you can even change them up to suit each season!

It’s so easy to make natural air fresheners with essential oils, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t try them sooner!


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