How to Have a Cozy Hygge Summer

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This year, more than ever before, summer seems to be about spending time close to home.  In fact, it’s really about spending time AT home.  So how do you beat the heat AND still stay snug in your nest?  There are so many ways to be cozy, to live Hygge, that have nothing to do with blankets and hot chocolate, so let’s take a look at how to have a cozy Hygge summer.



How to be Cozy in the Heat

When most people hear the word Cozy, they think of being curled up in front of a fire, all bundled up under a throw or seven, sipping coffee or tea.  I know I used to think that!  But guess what?  There’s so much more to it than that!

Cozy is something that everyone seems to have their own definition for.  When I looked it up on, the synonyms for COZY included comfortable, comfy, intimate, snug, restful and secure.  I like the sounds of those!

I’ve always defined cozy as more of a state of mind – being at home, with my family, maybe reading a good book, playing a game or sitting in the garden in a private little hideaway.

So as you can see, it’s not just about burrowing under the covers.  Cozy is a mindset.  In fact, Hygge itself is a mindset.  And to learn more about it, here are some books on the subject:



How to Hygge in the Summer

In its purest form, Hygge is all about embracing the simple life, enjoying family, friends and nature.  In many ways, it’s much easier to start a Hygge lifestyle in the Summer, when you can easily get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.  Go for a hike with your spouse, a long solo bike ride, or take the kids to the park.

If you are new to the concept of a Hygge lifestyle, it’s actually going to be easier for you to instill outdoor habits when the weather is good.  Because once the seasons change and it gets cooler and wetter outside, the habits will already be in place!  After all, it’s pretty easy to put off starting your new habit of walking every day when it’s pouring rain.  Get outside now – you’ll be happier for it!

And if it is raining?  Get out a fun Umbrella and cute Rain Boots and enjoy it!


Combine Cozy and Hygge

Summer and barbecues with family and friends just go together.  And really, there’s nothing more Hygge than having a delicious meal outdoors with your loved ones.  Fresh flowers, a beautifully set table, lights in the trees – can’t you just picture it?

For us, in our little city apartment, we’ve made the best of our outdoor living space by creating a cozy balcony that we can enjoy for three out of four seasons.  Potted plants, cushions and privacy from the busy highway make our balcony intimate and comfortable.  It’s the simple elements that lend themselves to a Hygge lifestyle.


Update Your Spaces

Let’s keep in mind, having a cozy Hygge summer should NOT be about going out and buying all new stuff.  Look at what you can move around and use in a different way.  Are there items in your house that would be at home in a garden setting?  Hearty enough to withstand the elements and still be okay to bring back in for the cold months?

I like to set some of our decorator cushions from the living room out on the balcony to make it more comfortable.  There are a few small decorative pieces that fit in nicely outdoors.  Some of our throws have also become Summer fare.  I have a Mini Greenhouse that I use to hold anything that can’t get wet – I just put it all away each night.

Inexpensive lighting is another way to create a cozy atmosphere in outdoor spaces.  Solar-powered garden lighting, small fairy lights and patio lanterns add warmth and intimacy to any setting.



The goal here is to create an enjoyable spot to allow more outdoor living, not to break the bank on items you don’t really need.  This year, we did buy new patio furniture, mainly because our old set was very tired and worn and wasn’t comfortable or practical for our space.

We used to have a square dining table with folding chairs for our patio, but when we moved, it was too big for our balcony.  We sold the table but kept the folding chairs.  This was a big mistake – the chairs were NOT comfortable and we didn’t spend much time outside because of it.  This year, we’ve already spent more time on our balcony than the past two summers combined.

The other investment we made this year was in flooring for the balcony.  Because we are in a rental, making permanent changes is not an option.  So we chose a “floating floor” of interlocking wood tiles.  We can pull them up at the end of the season and store them until next summer.  Plus, we can take them with us when we move.  The result is a warm, inviting, cozy space that we absolutely adore.  We bought ours locally, but these Acacia Hardwood Deck Interlocking Flooring Tiles from Amazon look exactly the same.


Embrace the Season

Regardless of how you choose to update your spaces (or not), it’s all about embracing the season.  Yes, Summer is hot.  It’s sticky, uncomfortable and any other number of complaints.  BUT it’s also the time for fresh fruit, late summer nights, lake days, farmers’ markets, drive-in movies and so much more!  When you focus on what the season has to offer, it’s easy to see just how to have a cozy Hygge Summer!


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