How to Clean Your House in Under 5 Minutes

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Do you ever feel like all you ever do is clean your house? And that if you could just get it clean, and keep it that way, you’d have time to do all the stuff that you can’t get done because you’re always cleaning the house? Been there. Done that. It sucks, doesn’t it? So what if I told you that there’s a way to get it done? And it’s not even that hard? AND that it only takes five minutes? Say WHAT?!? It’s true – there are 5 simple areas to tackle to clean your house in under 5 minutes!  It will help keep you sane and give you the time to get your craft on – or whatever your thing is!



How to Clean Your House in Under 5 Minutes


I have a fairly small kitchen, so it’s critical that I keep on top of any mess I create. It’s so important to have clean counters any time I want to make a meal or a snack. Our home has two bathrooms, again with fairly small counters. So wiping down counters in both the kitchen and bathrooms takes me five minutes AT MOST. I grab a bottle of my favourite cleaner, a cloth and off I go. Keeping on top of counters is probably my number one priority!


Again, we live in a small-ish place. I don’t have a ton of knick-knacks, so that helps. But I use a dusting wand (specifically, this Swiffer Duster) which gets into tight places and allows me to move quickly. I can easily dust the whole house in five minutes, especially when I do it once a week. I  need to do it more often in the Spring when roads are being cleaned, but for the most part, once a week does the trick.


I know what you’re thinking – “You CANNOT do a load of laundry in five minutes”. It’s a true story. A sad, disheartening, true story. BUT you can sort your clothes in less than five minutes. And you can start a load in less than five minutes. It takes less than five minutes to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer. It might take six minutes to hang them to dry, but it might only take five! I think you get my point! I do one load of laundry a day, and there are some days that don’t have to do any at all! Sorry – did that sound like bragging? I meant it in the tone of voice reserved for shouting “I won the lottery!!”  Pop on over to my Member Vault and print a copy of my Laundry Schedule for yourself, to keep on track.  I keep mine posted in the laundry room, to remind myself what I’m doing on any given day!


Sweeping the kitchen should be done every day, and when it’s done that often, it’s easy to keep on top of it. Our little galley kitchen takes about 47 seconds to sweep, so it’s not that difficult to keep the floors clean. Within that 5 minutes, I can also sweep the bathroom floors (combined with the counters, sweeping means my bathrooms are half-way cleaned EVERY DAY). Just get in the habit of doing them once a day, and your soon-to-be-used-more-often craft room will thank you for it.


This one is a bit more general. If you’re like me, you’ll be so so so good about putting everything away all day long, and then as soon as dinner is done, whatever you touch magically becomes rooted to the spot you set it down on. Example – I have my computer in my office, but I keep a laptop in the living room, more for fun. If I use it during the day (i.e. I write posts while sitting in my rocking chair, wrapped under my favourite blanket), it gets put back in its proper spot. BUT if I use it after dinner – to play games or do a little online shopping or personal Facebook and Pinterest time – it seems to want to stay on the couch. So I make a point of doing a quick five-minute tidy session on my way to bed. It gives me peace of mind to know that I won’t be getting up to a mess in the morning, and I like that.

So there you have it – How to Clean Your House in Under 5 Minutes. It sounds painfully simple because it is. And it works.  Be sure to visit my Member Vault and download a copy of 5 Things to Clean in 5 Minutes for yourself – a quick reminder of how EASY housework should be!  Post it on your fridge until you are in the habit of doing these 5 things every day!

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