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Chalk Couture Halloween Projects: How to Make Quick and Easy DIY Decor

Chalk Couture Halloween Hocus Pocus Broom Co. on white board Mickey Mouse pumpkin mug Halloween gnome salt and pepper halloween theme hutch

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I’m not sure how you feel, but I think less is more when decorating for any holiday other than Christmas.  And by less, I mean less cost!  So when I started to get ready for Halloween, I took a look at how I could DIY my decor and I came up with these super cute and super easy Chalk Couture Halloween projects.

I love their simplicity and I also LOVE the fact that they are made on reusable surfaces!  Let’s take a look at this trick-or-treat trio.



Chalk Couture Halloween Project #1:  Hocus Pocus Broom Co. Sign

This project is so fun for so many reasons.  Of course, Disney’s Hocus Pocus is one of the most beloved Halloween movies.  And the Hocus Pocus Broom Co. transfer, with its vintage scripts and images, is both stylish and fun.  

I chose to make this project on a white background using Chalk Couture’s Chalkology Paste in Black Velvet.  This surface, unfortunately, is currently not available through Chalk Couture, but you could use any surface that is large enough to fit the design.  Check out my post on how I created a simple tray using dollar store materials for some inspiration!


Chalk Couture Halloween Hocus Pocus Broom Co. on white board Mickey Mouse pumpkin mug Halloween gnome salt and pepper cobweb transfer glass pumpkin votive


To learn more about using Chalk Couture, be sure to read Get Started with Chalk Couture.  I share some of my personal tips for the best results!

I’ve created a short video that shows you how I made this fun trio of Chalk Couture Halloween projects, which you can watch here:



Chalk Couture Halloween Project #2:  Pumpkin Face Jack-O-Lantern

This second project is so quick and easy, you won’t believe your eyes!  I started with a tin pie plate that I found in our local dollar store but you could use any round surface.  A square would work, of course, but the round shape makes it feel more like a pumpkin.


Chalk Couture Halloween pumpkin face on tin pie plate ceramic pumpkin Halloween Vinylmation Mickey Mouse


I chose to leave my surface as is since I love the look of tin in my decor.  You could certainly paint your surface any colour you choose.  Try the traditional route of a black or orange surface, or spice it up a little with purple or green!

The Pumpkin Face transfer comes with three faces to choose from, which means you should be able to find the perfect fit for nearly any surface you choose!  I chose Rust Chalkology Paste to make my design and I just love how it turned out.



Chalk Couture Halloween Project #3:  Cobweb Design

 The final piece of this Halloween group is a small piece, perfect for filling in gaps in your decor.  The mini Board + Base comes in the Tiered Tray Essentials Pack, along with five other surfaces.

The transfer that I used for the board + base is ‘Tis the Season to Be Spooky.  It comes with two designs on it, both super cute!  


Chalk Couture Halloween cobweb on mini board and base in wood hutch


What I really love about designs like the cobweb is that they can go on a surface of any size.  The size of the Board is much smaller than the transfer, so I just chose the section of the web I thought looked the best and chalked it using Bright White Chalkology Paste.  I love how it turned out and it’s perfect for my hutch or a tiered tray as a filler.  And again, I used the Bright White Chalkology Paste.


Reusing Surfaces

Something I really love about these projects is that once Halloween is over, I can clean and reuse all the surfaces that I chose!  When using Chalk Couture’s Chalkology Paste on non-porous surfaces, such as metal, glass or any of Chalk Couture’s multiple-use products, you can simply clean off the paste and use it again!  Simply spray the surface with distilled water using your Fine Mist Sprayer (or any spray bottle you have on hand) and use a Board Eraser to remove the paste.

Of course, if you really love your designs and you know you’ll use them again next year, go ahead and keep them!  Be sure to store them carefully, as the paste can come off if the surface is scratched or it rubs against another surface.  It’s best to wrap them to protect the design and store them upright if you can.



Accessories and Tools

These projects didn’t need much in the way of tools.  I used small squeegees to apply the paste and the multi-tool to tidy up any small glitches in my designs.


And that’s it!  I created these fun Chalk Couture Halloween projects in an afternoon with little muss or fuss.  Sounds good to me!



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Chalk Couture Halloween Hocus Pocus Broom Co. on white board Mickey Mouse pumpkin mug Halloween gnome salt and pepper


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