How to Keep Up with Laundry: Free Printable Schedule

keep up with laundry - woman holding white folded towels

DO YOU OFTEN FIND YOURSELF WONDERING WHERE ALL THE DIRTY CLOTHES COME FROM?  ARE YOU FOREVER BEHIND?  DOWNLOAD MY FREE PRINTABLE SCHEDULE AND SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO KEEP UP WITH LAUNDRY! Yuck – the “L” word.  No, not that “L” word.  I’m talking about Laundry.  Yeah, everyone’s favourite (insert eye-roll here).  Have you […]

Six Top Ways to Increase Productivity When You Work from Home

increase productivity - notebook, coffee cup, planner, ipad

ARE YOU TIRED OF SPENDING ALL DAY WORKING ONLY TO FEEL LIKE YOU DON’T ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING?  YOU LIKELY NEED TO SET SOME ROUTINES FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR TIME TO INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY!   Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to get it all done easily?  Are you curious about how their houses are […]

9 Easy Ways to Start a Morning Routine You’ll Love to Do

Start a morning routine - woman on bed with book, glasses and breakfast tray with coffee and pastry

ARE YOU READY TO START A MORNING ROUTINE?  I LOVE MY ROUTINES AND ESPECIALLY STARTING THE DAY!  THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE HARD – LEARN HOW TO START A MORNING ROUTINE YOU’LL LOVE TO DO! When I first decided to start a morning routine, I was totally overwhelmed.  After all, what if I did it […]

How to Clean Your House in Under 5 Minutes

Do you ever feel like all you ever do is clean your house? And that if you could just get it clean, and keep it that way, you’d have time to do all the stuff that you can’t get done because you’re always cleaning the house? Been there. Done that. It sucks, doesn’t it? So […]